Affiliate marketing for online casinos


Affiliate marketing for online casinos is one the most popular strategies to drive traffic to your iGaming website and increase awareness about your brand.  But who are affiliates? How are they working with iGaming operators, and how do they drive traffic to your website? This article will explain how affiliate marketing works and why it should be integral to any online casino’s marketing strategy.

Affiliate marketing is a huge part of the iGaming industry. Online sportsbooks and casinos require a lot of traffic in order to build a loyal player base. However, many operators find acquiring the necessary quantity of players challenging. Affiliate marketing is a great way to get players into your platform. Affiliate networks allow web publishers to earn a commission by directing players to your online gambling site. Continue reading to learn more about affiliate marketing, its commission models, and why online casinos rely on them for success.  If you want to find out more about the marketing activities in the iGaming business, you can read our article about how to market an online casino

Upgaming offers you an affiliate system that lets you manage, track, analyze and optimize your online casino’s advertising activities from a single place. It gives you various advantages, such as creating your own affiliate network, analyzing the data to create actionable insights, optimizing the campaign performance, managing the assets and commissions, etc. For additional information, you can contact our sales team, and they’ll let you know about every detail of the system.

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a common and highly effective, performance-based marketing strategy that can be used in many industries. Affiliates are web content creators and publishers who earn a commission by directing customers to the promoted business. Affiliates can drive traffic to partner sites by using banner ads, advertisements, and links. Online gambling platforms reward them with a commission for each player they refer.

There are many types of online casino affiliates. They can be:

      • Bloggers – Affiliates often write about the iGaming industry and solutions. They may write about the new games, bonuses, and latest releases. They also evaluate online casinos to determine their quality and trustworthiness.
      • Influencers – Online gambling has its own group of influencers.
      • Online magazines – Affiliates can create online magazines about iGaming content that publish the most recent news and direct large audiences to your gaming website.
      • Forums – Online casino players gather on forums to exchange insights, information, and opinions about online sportsbooks and casinos. Sometimes, the owners of those forums or moderators can be affiliates.
      • Streamers – Some players stream videos of themselves playing games like slot machines. Through their broadcasts, players who follow them on YouTube and Twitch connect with them and learn more about the new or already famous games you might have in your library.

    Affiliate programs allow content creators and publishers to become affiliates. Web publishers must draw a certain amount of traffic to be considered as a part of an affiliate network. They also need to have a solid and trustworthy reputation to gain followers.

    Affiliates can operate on a global, extensive level and bring together all types of content from casinos and sportsbooks from different markets. On the other hand, a group of very specialized affiliates also exist that focus on certain types of casinos operating in specific markets. For example, an affiliate site might only review online casino platforms that accept a particular cryptocurrency. IGaming operators must consider their target audience and the audience of their affiliate network when selecting a partner. Sports betting bloggers will not be a good match for bitcoin casinos, regardless of the fact of how large their audience could be.

    Why do you need to work with online casino affiliates?

    Affiliate marketing provides numerous advantages for online casino operators that significantly influence their advertising performance, website traffic, and brand awareness. To cut it short, we don’t have to tell you how essential it is to market and promote your online casino. But, still, If you need to find out more about it, you can check the articles about online casino marketing and costs of online casino marketing.

    The main thing with affiliates is that, to acquire a substantial base of users, online casino operators need continuous traffic on their websites. Affiliate marketing is one of the most efficient and valuable ways to get it. Needless to say, SEO is still one of the main domains that work to increase your web platform’s online presence. Still, affiliate marketing is a different outlet in the sense that it is performance-based. You can always track, manage and analyze the strategies you’ve been enacting in your affiliate network. 

    The apparent benefits of affiliate marketing include adjusting advertising campaigns to target markets by cooperating with the right affiliates and assessing and making adjustments to your strategy as necessary.

    Reward systems such as loyalty and VIP programs are some of the most widely used strategies for player retention. Email and SMS marketing are also popular marketing strategies. However, in that case, you need to have potential players’ contact information obtained when a player fills out the form on a landing page to which they were directed by an affiliate banner.

    Advertisements on an affiliate’s website will drive large amounts of traffic to your online casino. This will help build brand awareness and improve the image of your online sports betting or casino platform. Even players who do not click on the banner ads to reach the site will be aware of your website by seeing its advertisements. Affiliate marketing is a great way to increase brand awareness at a time when brand recognition is growing in importance.

    Types of commissions in affiliate marketing

    There are various types of commissions in affiliate marketing. These types are revenue sharing (or simply RevShare), pay-per-acquisition, and hybrid models.

    • Revenue sharing (RevShare) – The rev-share model implies that affiliates earn a portion of the net revenue of the online gambling platform. This is a highly profitable commission strategy because both the affiliates and online casino operators are rewarded for their performance. The more revenue and sales the operator generates, the greater the commission for the affiliate partner. Rev-Share is often associated with the online gambling vertical, and almost every online casino offers it to its partners. 
    • Pay-per-acquisition – Pay-per-acquisition is a less common model in the iGaming vertical compared to RevShare regarding paying affiliates. Nonetheless, many operators still offer this type of commission to their partners. In this case, a payment rate depends on a specific action, such as making the first deposit after registering on the online casino’s website. This strategy is generally used by new online casinos since they are still in the stage of bringing in clients to their platform.
    • Hybrid – A hybrid model combines the approaches that are mentioned above. This model includes revenue-sharing and pay-per-acquisition. Thus, by offering a hybrid commission type to your affiliates, you can pay them 5-10% of your revenue plus 50-60$ per acquisition. A hybrid model is also a popular option for affiliates in the iGaming industry.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • How do affiliates attract players to online casinos?

      There are several ways through which affiliates can attract players to online casinos. Some common methods include creating engaging content about the online casino, offering promotions and bonuses, and using social media and other online platforms to reach potential players.

    • How do affiliates earn money from online casino affiliate marketing?

      Affiliates earn money from online casino affiliate marketing through a commission system. The commission is typically a percentage of the revenue generated from the players that the affiliate has referred to the gaming platform. Affiliates can get paid through different commissions, such as revenue sharing, pay-per-acquisition, and hybrid methods.

    • How do online casinos track affiliates and their players?

      Online casinos typically use tracking software to monitor the activities of affiliates and their players. This software allows the online casino to track the number of players that have been referred by each affiliate and the revenue generated by those players. Upgaming’s affiliate system has its own tracking software that monitors the affiliates’ performance, analyzes the data, and helps the operator optimize its campaign performance.

    • What is a casino affiliate program?

      A casino affiliate program is a network where web marketers, affiliates and online casino operators connect with each other. An affiliate program rewards the affiliates based on the actions of the customers that are guided through the online casino websites. In short, a casino affiliate program is an intermediary between the online casinos, affiliates and the players.