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A true piece of art 


Never make the same misstake as many people and go for the cheapest betting exchange software for your business, that will lead to failure and defeat for sure.
Our betting exchange software is a high end software system with only the best providers and most popular games and functions, try us!

Besides betting exchange and traditional betting, our system also includes

Virtual & fantasy sports betting

7000+ popular casino games

Popular live dealers included

We also included poker - satta - cock fight - horse racing - skill games and more!

Betting exchange software


Software technology

The core is made with powerful REACT framework and Mongoose DB structure with load balancers for faster loading and live processing.
Separate admin and front end domain access allowing max processing and faster loading.

CMS based Admin and UI (user interface) extensive admin for customisation and no need to touch the source code.

Owners can rent and set comissions on returns and have full control of API AGR.
The api is allready integrated, all you have to do is adding your API keys and go live.


Normally we can have your website up and running accepting real money bets within a couple days fully branded with your own content and logo.


We have solutions to facilitate both licensed and non licensed setups to any country in the world, anything worth knowing
we have the answers for you.



Depending on the setup you want to launch we normally have a quick turnaround setup time for just a couple days and you may start your very own online betting exchange software based website with your own logos, bannes, texts and rules and all the amazing games and bet options ready to go.

Our system is the real deal for anybody looking to launch a professional website with only the best game providers and sports betting odds and functions available today.

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Our full system also includes

  •  Betting exchange software
  •  Sports betting
  •  7000+ casino games from popular providers
  •  Over 50 different api providers allready added
  •  Events and tickets printable
  •  exchange Prematch betting & casino games
  •  cricket/football exchang betting
  •  No commission sharing
  •  Events results and live scores avilable
  •  Compatible on both mobile and desktop
  •  Agent system integrated
  •  Super agent system integrated
  •  Real time site statistics
  •  Extremely easy customization
  • Risk Management
  •  Manual payment system provided for those where betting is illegal
  •  Extremely easy to operate
  •  Easy documentation Provided
  •  Free installation
  •  Free lifetime support
  •  Amazing support through skype and whatsapp
  •  Reliable business solution for starts-up
  • No encrypted files, you can edit anything you want
  • Possibility to add 3:rd party API on demand
  • Control winnings and losses
  • Manual control on winnings on casino games (non API)
  • Official odds data even for non licensed setups.
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