How to start a white label Casino

White label casino is the fastest and most efficient solution for starting an igaming business. Online casinos offer flexibility and a pleasing experience for gambling fans to enjoy playing their favorite games from their home. Active players are always looking for an advantage, and they can reap profits easily. Naturally, though, the ultimate benefit stays in the vault. Thus, the casino owner is always the winner.

Decades ago, the idea of starting an online casino may have been out of the question. The constant conflict and the necessity for the vast start-up capital put the option in the hands of a few wealthy people. It discarded the needs of the average businessman and other interested parties.

Nevertheless, recent years have witnessed the advent of white label and turnkey online casinos. These options provide flexibility, cost-efficiency, and access to the iGaming world regardless of financial background.

Nowadays, it is easier to open your online casino. You can get detailed information about the process in the given article. On the other hand, if you are already familiar with the market and its’ requirements and opt to launch a turnkey casino, you can read the following page.

What is White Label casino?

White label online casino solutions are very common, widely accepted ways to simplify business operations and development. In specific, white label services or products are sold by professional service providers to third-party companies, which rebrand the service with their logo and identity.

White label solution must include an online gaming platform, web-hosting & website design, casino content library, payment system with safe financial infrastructure, and consultation services. By retaining a white label, you can avoid the fulfillment of technical processes and aim attention to your online casino’s marketing and promotion.

Apart from discussing the typical features and characteristics of white label casino solution, we will also compare it with turnkey casino solution and provide each approach’s pros and cons. If white label sounds like a great model for your business, proceed with the article and discover everything you need to know about white label solutions.

The characteristics of white label casino solution

The main characteristics and advantages of this solution are quick setup and fastest market entry. Cost efficiency, license acquisition without the lengthy procedures and complications, minimal paperwork, and robust analytics system are also significant conveniences.

Moreover, white label solution incorporates UI/UX design and web hosting. It is optimal for entrepreneurs and start-uppers who wish to establish a new iGaming project. Nevertheless, the white label can also introduce improved opportunities and faster operation for long-standing businesses.

Quick setup & fastest market entry

The white label solution is an off-the-shelf, already built product. Thus, it requires a minimum amount of time for launching. The time frame for setup can be a couple of weeks. Compared to other existing solutions offered at the market, white label is the most efficient and fastest way of opening an online casino.

With a built-in complete casino environment, an operator gets a ready-made, comprehensive product that only requires the brand name and simple design customizations. These flexibilities allow you to avoid lengthy bureaucratic procedures and open your business with ease.

After the setup, you can enter the market and start operating your business. Upgaming’s white label solution provides a practical, professional management system designed with expertise generated throughout the years. Furthermore, it gives you access to our fast, multi-profile sportsbook with various betting market types, and online casino library enriched with games from top gaming providers. These aspects ensure that you can enter the online gaming industry with a full-fledged product.

Acquiring a license without complications

Gaming licenses are the legal requirements to operate in regulated markets. However, some regulators require strict and time-consuming procedures with rigorous checkups. In the end, they may even decline to issue a license for deprived tax history or slipped-off mistakes you may not notice.

White label solution is a good outlet from this obstacle. One of the most convenient features of the white label comes with an integrated license option. A variety of providers offer this service with their gaming licenses so that the casino operator would not have to worry about judicial complications and regulations.

Nevertheless, this issue can be solved otherwise, too. For example, let’s say that you want to build a white label casino but have already obtained a license. Upgaming offers the most convenient settlement of this controversy by enabling clients to accommodate the license in their possession in a white label solution they plan to purchase. On the other hand, if the operator does not have a license, our white label solution grants access to the MGA and Curacao licenses, known for their notoriety and prestige in the iGaming industry.

Cost efficiency

Besides speeding up the time-to-market, the acquisition of white label helps the casino operators cut costs. First of all, you can economize by not paying the price for the license, which is already embedded in the given solution. Furthermore, you don’t have to search and pay for the gaming content of various casino software providers. In the opposite case, you would have to pay different costs to each company to integrate their gaming library into your platform.

Moreover, you don’t have to worry about the expenses for payment system integration. As it is known, a well-organized payment system includes cybersecurity measures, such as anti-fraud strategy, chargeback fraud control, and other risk monitoring features. These protective methods cost a lot of money and have to be acquired from the best system providers to ensure the safety of your casino platform.

Our white label solution contains all defensive, fraud-prevention programs equipped with the highest security protocols, and strong, substantial defensive barriers to protect your platform from harm. These savings can be directed to other fields, such as marketing and promotional activities. It will ensure the effectiveness of your company’s operation and progress in the market.

Payment System

The payment system is the most significant component of the online casino. The online casino operates on an international market with clients from different countries. Thus, an advanced payment system must include a large variety of payment methods.

You have to ensure that your clients can pay using distinct methods, such as credit & debit cards, e-wallets (PayPal, Payoneer, Skrill, Stripe, etc.), bank transfers, and cryptocurrencies. Besides having these details integrated into the payment system, Upgaming extends the benefits of its financial services and enables its clients to add custom payment methods to the system.

On the other hand, the safety and security of the built-in payment system are the top priorities for the service providers, online casino operators, and customers. Therefore, Upgaming’s payment system is equipped with risk management software protocols that track possible risks and fraud attempts.

As a result, you can get real-time updates about fraud attempts, set restrictions on any player or group of players, and secure your business. Apart from the anti-fraud system and chargeback fraud control, you can also get updates and real-time deposit analytics about the payments.

In the end, your iGaming platform must be backed with an exquisite bonus system to improve customer retention and engagement rates. Our bonus system offers the ability to create an unrestricted number of configurations, group clients based on their demographic data and activities conducted in your online casino. To conclude, you’ll get multi-trigger bonus programs for the registration, login, deposit, claim and wagering, and capacity to automate bonuses.


Suppliers increase their focus on generating an optimized user experience by developing unique UI/UX design that will be flexible and efficient for the customers. HTML and CSS languages have been geared toward facilitating the creation of a strong user experience and interface. UI refers to the visual appearance present in front of the user when interacting with the interface/website. At the same time, UX is conceptual, focused on macro-interactions and the user’s overall experience.

Our white label solution incorporates a robust specialization of web design that refers to the controls clients use to interact with your online casino website. With the simple, easy-to-understand, and effective interface design and responsive controls, your customers can get the service they need in seconds.

Moreover, in case of your requirements, our team of designers can add tailor-made customizations to your website and modify it according to your preferences. The main advantage of this service is the client-oriented infrastructure and visual elements that catch the viewer’s attention and ease the process of using it to get the required service.


The contemporary, modernized casino cannot be built with only a gaming platform and flashy, eye-catching slots. As the iGaming industry develops, the standards for launching and operating an online casino also increase. It has to be equipped with excellent services that can track and identify the interests and behaviors of your customers. Thus, it all comes down to casino analytics software and its abilities.

The program that can track clients’ behavior on the casino website does not just derive dry, insignificant analytical data. Analytics software can show you the most playable, in-demand slots, analyze clients’ behavioral standards, calculate the average bet and loss, and understand which slots bring more earnings. In addition, you can also segment the registered users according to demographical or behavioral parameters and age. It will help you to diversify and specialize your promotional offers and campaigns.

Upgaming provides a solid back office with analytics software to help you build the core of your casino and ensure the smoothness of its operation. With our robust analytics embedded in the white label solution, you can monitor every transaction, get demographic statistics, segment your customers, derive win and loss analysis, and receive information about the existing or expected risks.

White label casino vs. Turnkey casino solution

White label online casino is an effective, extensive, and cost-efficient solution that grants you the ability to launch your business online at a warp speed. The white label gives you a fully functional, modern gaming platform with online and live casino, sportsbook, and safe payment infrastructure. All in all, with this solution, you can get access to leading-edge products and services. Furthermore, you are saving huge costs that otherwise would have been spent on building the platform from scratch.

On the other hand, a turnkey solution can also promise most of these benefits and grant you a self-owned, fully customizable system with personalized features. Below you can read the summary of the advantages and disadvantages of each solution compared with the same criteria. Although, bear in mind that you can make a perfect choice only when you consider your demands, the environment in which you are operating, and your realistic goals for the future. If you need to find out more about the differences between the white label and turnkey online casinos check out the following article.

Pros Of Turnkey Cons of Turnkey Pros of White Lable Cons of White Label
The Client is involved in every stage of the project Development Time – Consuming Rapid Launch A limited number of customizations
Custom Payments Higher Cost Low Cost
Fully customizable The provider ensures the agreements with third-party services
unique customized Design You can work under the developer’s Gambling license
Full ownership of the business