Jan-Feb Online Casino Cumulative Updates


Upgaming is constantly working to create new solutions and release updates to improve the experience of its operators and end-users. Recently, we’ve issued our renovated leaderboard, notification protocol, and AI-equipped anti-fraud system. Each modernization opens a new window of possibilities to online casino operators.


One of the most significant updates is the leaderboard. Upgaming’s customized and refined leaderboard offers unique opportunities to activate and increase the level of user engagement. There were a variety of features improved that will enable our operators to make a giant leap forward.

All in all, our renewed leaderboard is:

  • Supremely performant – polished, meticulous internal ranking and sorting algorithms that can calculate new ranks in milliseconds and ensure the warp speed depiction of the results
  • Completely customized & configurable – Flexible and complex, contextual display of the information about the players. Improved ranking functions based on the absolute and specific metric values and time-based rankings for the increase/decrease in rank.
  • Flexibility – It is flexible, simple to create single or multiple leaderboards

Our casino operators can set up diverse criteria according to which players can participate in the different leaderboard campaigns and wager on the selected, preferred games. To explain it in simpler terms, operators can create a customized list of specific games. Then, when users start to play these games, they will be automatically enlisted into the leaderboard competition. In some cases, the aforementioned games can be chosen according to the specific providers or they can be selected according to the theme of the games or the preferences of the users.

Upgaming’s renewed leaderboard system creates one-of-a-kind, exclusive, highly customized opportunities adjusted to the players. By deploying the various gamification principles, our leaderboard campaign ensures the highest user engagement and client retention rates. For instance, an operator can introduce a large variety of prizes according to the player’s rank on the leaderboard. Other principles include the enhanced visuals and interactivity, the creative story centered on the competition, and gradually increasing complexity of the tournament stimulating the interest, enthusiasm, and excitement in the players. These features have motivated the users to play longer and make more deposits.

The option of having several leaderboard campaigns simultaneously is another advantage that increases the chances of winning for users and drives them to participate in various competitions. It has elevated the satisfaction rates and positive feedback of the clients. Only in the last month, the user’s engagement rates were increased by 100%.


On the other hand, an improved notifications system is another update that will undoubtedly benefit the operators and their clients. It includes the standard notifications as well as customized notifications sent to the user or a specific group of users.

Moreover, operators can create templates to improve the quality of direct communication. For example, Upgaming’s notification system provides real-time notifications about deposits, free spins, bonuses, and the latest news.  It transmits information to the customer ceaselessly, without any delays. The prompt action and on-time delivery of the alerts can guarantee low bounce rates and increase the users’ engagement rates on the website.

Besides real-time communication, operators can create separate communication funnels or add notifications to the existing funnels. Thus, they can significantly increase the efficiency of the implemented business activities.

A new notifications system ensures the fast delivery of the highly relevant messages and adds tremendous value to our operators’ iGaming platform by improving the user experience. It also plays an immense role in customer retention and engagement. You can set up manual notifications and send personalized alerts to the client after the registration with the first-time deposit (FTD) bonus offers.

Anti-Fraud AI

Cybersecurity and fraud prevention are some of the most significant concerns in the iGaming industry. For this reason, the most significant and momentous update was a new anti-fraud system integrated with modern, cutting-edge AI tools. These tools act as quick identifiers of the potential fraud attempts and submit the information to the operator or related anti-fraud department.

AI check tools continuously receive information and analyze the patterns of suspicious behavior. As a result, they can recognize the new and creative outlets fraudsters come up with to exploit the system. The types of such attempts include:

  • Multiple account fraud and bonus abuse –one of the most popular practice in fraudsters is to create dozens or even hundreds of accounts by deploying the fake credentials and benefit from sign up bonuses and offers. Our system can identify VPNs, Tor networks and anonymous proxy servers, track transaction locality and recognize device irregularities. This creates a perfect defensive shell against fraudsters and implements the highest security standards on the gaming platform.
  • Gnoming – Using numerous accounts to help one player win. In this practice, “other players” lose on purpose so the one players can steal all wins and bonuses received during the game.
  • Stolen credit cards and chargebacks – fraudsters can use information of the stolen card to replenish their accounts and deploy an illegitimate money for their gains. After topping their account with stolen money fraudsters request chargeback from credit card providers or banks to get refunded on the expense of online casino. Our system strictly monitors the chargeback patterns and enables the operator to intervene in case of suspicious requests and deposits.

AI-generated data is transferred to our fraud department. Our group collaborates with more than 100 operators to explore and identify the new ways of fraud and deception. Therefore, recently derived information is presented simultaneously with every operator.

Furthermore, newly added modern AI tools significantly improve the registration process’s security, analyze the device risk, recognize the fraudulent or suspicious transfers between players, and guarantee account protection from hacking.

These updates can considerably enhance the performance of the online casino businesses, improve client engagement and retention rates and provide the safest, most secure environment for decent gamblers and anyone who likes to enjoy it in their leisure time.