Sportsbook API integration – upscale your iGaming business with Upgaming’s API tool


Sportsbook API integration is the simplest, fastest, and most effective solution for upscaling online casinos with the sportsbook. That’s why Upgaming has introduced its advanced, ultra-fast sportsbook API integration tool, which allows the quickest and most seamless integration of the sportsbook software into the online casino operator’s iGaming platform. Specifically, our sportsbook API integration tool gives customers the ability to integrate various types of sports, e-sports, and virtual sports without compromising the quality of the software and losing their time and effort.

By choosing Upgaming’s sportsbook API, you can get access to more than 140 sports types, +82 000 live events, and +75 000 pre-match events monthly. Moreover, our sportsbook software is equipped with fast and scalable infrastructure, including 4 500 unique markets, the highest coefficients, and competitive odds. Implementation of the Sportsbook API is a quick and easy process, enabling you to start your sportsbook business by seamlessly integrating our sportsbook software into the platform that you already have. 

Upgaming’s sportsbook API provides the following advantages:

  • Ease of integration
  • Access to multiple types of sports, live and pre-match events, and betting markets
  • Integration through a white label or turnkey sportsbook solutions
  • Multiple customization and flexibility options
  • Competitive odds
  • Multi-platform compatibility 

We also offer the various features and tools incorporated into our sportsbook software, including the risk management platform, bonus system, player engagement features, such as live streams and match trackers, multi-functional back office, customizable payment system with multiple currencies, simplified UI/UX, and user-friendly interface. 

Our sportsbook API enables you to integrate fully functional and highly scalable software into your existing iGaming platform, regardless of your solution, be it a white label, turnkey, or self-service online casino solutions.