Upgaming Celebrates the International Day of Lawyers


Lawyers are an integral part of every company, and they play one the most significant role in its foundation, progress, and development. They identify and settle judicial issues and ensure that business processes run in a legal framework. Their role is especially important in iGaming businesses as they have to ensure that the company’s operations run according to the legal requirements and there are no violations of the law. It is our lawyers’ credit that through the last year Upgaming has acquired MGA License We congratulate our lawyers and celebrate this day together with them.

International Lawyers’ Day, held on February 3, is commemorated to acknowledge the role of lawyers as advocates of our rights. Their work is invaluable and worthy of respect. They protect the legal foundations and rights of every citizen, business, and other commercial or social organization. We have joined the celebration of this day to value and pay respect to the work of our lawyers. We handed over the gifts to them. They received congratulations from our staff members, their colleagues, and friends.

Upgaming acknowledges the role of the inner organizational culture in its pursuit to build a friendly, comfortable environment for the members of the team. The celebration of the International Day of Lawyers is an attempt, which not only values the work of important and invaluable persons in the company but also brings the colleagues together and sparks the friendly spirit in the co-workers.

We want to congratulate every lawyer in the world and pay respect to their huge work for the fulfillment of justice. It is because of your dedication and work that businesses can thrive and develop on legal grounds.