White Label vs. Turnkey vs. Self-Service online casino solutions


Online casinos are the best start-up solutions for entrepreneurs who want to sail into the ocean of the online gambling world. This world is a promised land for a pioneer businessman who has always pondered about building their dream company. In order to better understand what is necessary to launch your online gaming business, check out the article about how to start an online casino.

Choosing the proper online casino solution is the first step you need to consider. More specifically, you need to use a white-label online casino solution or turnkey online casino solution or do it all yourself (AKA self-service solutions). If you want to learn more about a turnkey solution, then read the detailed information about this process in the article about starting a turnkey casino. If you are interested in white label casinos then learn more about how can you start a white label casino.

These are the most common terms you might encounter when investigating how to start an online gambling business. Each of these solutions has its advantages, but they differ from one another in many aspects. You can quickly identify which one suits your business by knowing the differences between them.

There are two ways of creating an online casino. The first way is the most complex approach. It implies doing all the necessary operations and arranging the details by yourself, AKA “Self service solution”.

The second way is more straightforward and effective. To launch your online casino business, you have to acquire either a turnkey or white label solution from the provider companies. This approach produces the same results with less budget and is more time-efficient.

Still, if you choose to follow the first course, then you will need the following resources and products:

Human Resources for self-service casino

  • Front-end developers
  • Back-end developers
  • Analytics
  • Designers
  • Business developers
  • Jurists/Lawyers

Casino Platform

  • Back office (where you will be able to see the reporting, payments and incomes)
  • Bonus system
  • Payments system
  • Affiliate system
  • Risk management system

Online Casino Content – You have to Communicate with over +200 casino providers, mounting agreements, and integrating their gaming library into your online casino.

Furthermore, there are other essential details to consider. These problems are acquiring the license, avoiding payment problems, and finding banks that declare trust in your company. Thus, they are ready to implement your transactions. The afore-mentioned operations might take more than 2-3 years.

Self-service approaches are time-consuming and require relatively large-scale funds. On the other hand, by purchasing the turnkey or white label solution you can launch your online casino in a matter of weeks at a lower price.

Self-Service Solution

Self Service solution

A self-service casino solution is a solution, which is completely developed by yourself. In case of the proper installation, it gives you the possibility of unlimited integrations and customizations. It offers the freedom of doing whatever you desire. On the other hand, you have all the responsibilities to make changes and develop the platform from ground zero.

Nevertheless, this option is favorable only for proficient operators who have a lot of experience running an online casino. You are left on your own, dealing with major gambling market leaders and strong competitors only with your expertise and resources. 

The most significant drawbacks of self-service are the high price and the longest time crunch. The self-service casino operator has to seek human resources for the development, design, front and back end team, back office, etc. If you want to create a casino service with products equal to white label and turnkey, it will cost you a lot more. Furthermore, even if you could form the product with the same quality, you would not have the expertise and thoroughly tested system of the turnkey and white-label approaches.

Consequently, operating and developing the casino business requires to be snowed under the work. A self-service solution holds water only if you have a working online casino or a robust and professional understanding of the online gambling industry.

We advise you to get a self-service platform if you are convinced in your capacities. However, suppose that you want to independently run your business but avoid the intense burden of a DIY casino project. In such a case, the turnkey or white label approach might be the best solution for you.

White Label Solution

White Label online casino Solution

The white label implies that the provider produces the product or service and sells it to the company. The latter re-brands the product/service to make it appear brand new. It is an online franchise that provides an already licensed, pre-made, all-set casino platform with the necessary functionalities to launch it into operation.

The solution incorporates an online casino license, web-hosting, online gambling platform, and iGaming library, including casino games, financial infrastructure, and consultation services. In addition, the provider ensures the readiness of technological and operational infrastructure. Thus, the efficiency of the back end is guaranteed in the case of partnering with a right provider. By this means, a white label solution forges a lucrative win-win venture for both parties.

This solution is mainly befitted to those who do not have a significant amount of opening capital or want to run their casino online as soon as possible.  White label is also suitable for clients who have a lot of experience in the iGaming world but want to maintain/improve the tested functions of the white label platform.

If you are willing to enter the iGaming industry and wish to avoid the lengthy license acquisition (How can you acquire online casino licenses? ) process like the plague, then our white label solution is designed for you. Upgaming offers its clients a meticulously tested and certified white label kit. Thus, enabling the user to initiate the system in a minimum of time.

In addition, our white label solution includes all of our products. It is powered with the most distinguished, refined, and fastest sportsbook and incredible casino equipped with games and +12 000 slots from more than a hundred top online gaming providers, such as Netent, Evolution, Play n Go, Pragmatic, EGT and Amatic.

Advantages and Disadvantages of White Label Solution

White label casino has its advantages and disadvantages. Ultimately, whether or not it is the optimal choice depends on your business background and how much control you need over the platform. The benefits include:

  1. Lowest start-up capital – the essential setup cost and operation of a white label platform is the cheapest alternative from all the solutions. If your initial funds are limited, the WLC solution could be the most relieving plan.
  2. There is no need for preexisting skills – regardless of not having prior experience in the online gambling field, it is still possible to get a hold of white label solution and launch your company at a warp speed. There is no necessity to have business insights and technical know-how. You can deploy the internal team with the necessary background experience after starting your company.
  3. Payment processing – White label provider always has to manage the attributes of the payment system. It is also essential to ensure fraud detection, prevention, and risk management. With Upgaming’s white label solution, you can provide a safe environment for your online casino with on-demand reports about safety.
  4. Acquire a license without complications – You don’t have to worry about the extended, complex process of acquiring a gambling license. Upgaming already provides a license for your company in white label solutions. Therefore, you avoid all the struggle and donkey work.
  5. Rapid setup and quick launch to market – White label casino platforms are pre-arranged, all set programs. Accordingly, you can easily re-brand the product and send off your casino into the digital space.
  6. Avoid operational expenses – the profitable operation of an online casino involves various elements. Such fittings are iGaming software, back end, front end development, licensing, anti-fraud system, payment system, and bonus system. Upgaming provides these essential services in its white label solution. You also receive various custom payment methods and access to various real time reporting tools.

The only disadvantage of the white label solution is its limited customizations. It is an entirely pre-designed, system, provided in ready-to-launch mode. White label solution does not require additional customizations. Nonetheless, in the case of your demand, it is still possible to add extra, tailor-made personalization.  

However, it is not the best solution if you want to add specific customizations according to your preference. For example, suppose you want to have maximum control on the platform. In that case, a turnkey casino solution seems to be the most authentic and easy-to-manage option. Thus, if the lack of personalization is unacceptable, you can always apply for our turnkey solution that provides a fully customizable product tailored to your needs and preferences.

Turnkey Solutions

Turnkey online casino solution

If you long for the freedom to personalize your online casino platform a turnkey solution might be the proper fit. A turnkey casino solution is an off-the-shelf and fully customizable product that can be adapted to customer needs. In the case of choosing our program, you decide what you would like to be added to the platform.

Furthermore, you can choose between our licenses or get a license yourself. The team of Upgaming will design your casino from scratch and give you the passkey to the unlimited customizations. You can retain the unique UI/UX design of your website, tailor-made payments, exclusive bonus systems, technical assistance, and a user-friendly interface. At the same time, you will be able to enjoy the benefits of a geared-up system.

Upgaming’s turnkey casino is a multifunctional, readymade solution for your online business. It is supplied with powerful software, website design with client-friendly controls, and web hosting services. The platform is also equipped with rich online gaming content, a payments processing system, and technical support.

This service is applicable for you if you want to target a specific audience or jurisdiction. It is also suitable if you possess a casino license, or intend to obtain one independently and have relatively large primary capital for your start-up.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Turnkey Solution

A turnkey solution is a self-owned, multifunctional, and entirely customizable system for your online casino. It delivers a website with client-tailored games, a user-friendly interface, and an accommodative platform. Further advantages of turnkey solution include:

  1. An unlimited number of customizations – the client can participate in every stage of the platform development. Customers can also choose the overall quantity of the products and services and construct an original brand of top quality.
  2. Create your exclusive design – Your UI/UX can be created per your specifications with the help of the leading designers and analytics of the industry. The arrangement of the website will be fitted to your desires and business goals.
  3. Business ownership and complete control over the iGaming platform – No lengthy red tapes explaining the rules of ownership and collaboration. You are in charge of everything and manage the operations. You can independently develop your branding, marketing, and business strategy and initiate promotional activities. Moreover, you have full control of the iGaming platform.
  4. On-demand content – the quantity and quality of the content in your online gambling library is an essential factor. Upgaming’s turnkey solution allows you to choose your favored content and diversify the products to create an exciting client environment. IGaming operators can draw in a more expanded base of followers if their services are assorted according to different characteristics.
  5. Safe payment system and wide range of payment methods – a high-stakes venture is the last thing online casino operator needs. Safety is the top priority when it comes to running an online gambling business. Upgaming provides a safe payment system with secure transactions from any channel, including bank transfers, cryptocurrencies, and digital wallets. The system is enriched with anti-fraud software, chargeback control, and various custom payment methods.
  6. Bonus system and Customer support – engaging and retaining customers is a complicated process. Our turnkey solution has a built-in bonus system with an immense number of tailored configurations for this intent.  You also get dedicated 24/7 B2B support.

The main disadvantage of the turnkey solution is a much slower pace of launch compared to white label. White-label gives you the advantage to launch your business in a matter of weeks. On the other hand, turnkey may require a month or two to set up your online gambling platform and make it on its way to the internet.


Your introduction to the journey in the iGaming world ends here. Whether you are an experienced businessman or planning to begin a new start-up, the online gambling industry still holds a lot of challenges and has a lot to offer.

The abundance of such factors gives you a variety of prospects and possibilities. You don’t need to be afraid of losing your resources if you plan to start an online gambling business. The truth is you are entering into the land of opportunities, where everyone can reap profits. Thus, you can also clean up.